Free Orientation Lecture @ Pune


Duration: 35-40 minutes

Days: Any Day (Monday to Sunday)

Time: Monday to Friday (Evening Time); Saturday - Sunday (Any Time)

Requirement: Venue, Small White or Black Board (I will carry Markers/Chalk & Duster)

Preferred Venues: Societies, Homes, Tuition Classes, Schools, Colleges, Parks, Grounds or any relevant venue.


How it works?

Step 1: You (Any interested people / teacher / school or college managements or any relevant) will reach me on: +91-9766776237 / +91-9764058654 / and give details

Step 2:  We will finalize date and time.

Step 3:  You will inform learners accordingly.

Step 4: I will reach the venue at the given time and give orientation lecture (followed by Questions & Answers Session)

Step 5: End of Session


What you will learn (After the Session)

  1. What is Vedic Speed Mathematics
  2. Various Formulas used in Vedic Speed Mathematics
  3. How to solve any problems in very less time
  4. How to cross verify your answers
  5. And many more

My Fees: NIL. Completely Free of Cost.

Note: I give orientation lecture at schools/colleges also. If you are a teacher or belongs to school management, you can invite me to your schools/colleges for free lecture.

Note: I also conduct Vedic Speed Mathematics classes (One Month, 21 to 28 Sessions) in Schools/Colleges. If you are a teacher or belong to school management, you can invite me to your schools/colleges for conducting classes.

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