Online Vedic Speed Mathematics Tuition Classes

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  • Subject: Vedic Speed Mathematics
  • Tutor Name: Mr. Chaitanya A. Patil
  • Qualification: M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Experience: 10+; Author of Various Books
  • Mode: Online / Google Hangouts
  • Fees: US$ 78
  • Batch Size: 10
  • Duration: 20-22 Hours

  • Classes Starting From: Every Month two Batches (Weekend / Weekdays)
  • Class Timings and Frequency: As per the convenience of students.
  • Procedure:
  1. Call us on +91-9766-77-6237 or click here to reach on whatsapp or mail us on; give your information and book your seat.
  2. Attend First class for completely FREE of cost.
  3. After First class, you can decide (Continue/Stop).
  4. Pay Fess before 2nd Class if you want to continue.
  5. Call Mr. Chaitanya Patil on +91-9766-77-6237 for any clarifications or click here to reach on whatsapp

Note: Syllabus varies from Student to Student as per Age and Grade.


  1. Introduction to Vedic Speed Mathematics
  2. Multiplication
  3. Division
  4. Addition
  5. Subtraction


  1. Squares
  2. Square Roots
  3. Cubes
  4. Cube Roots
  5. Digit Sums
  6. Divisibility
  7. Decimals, Fractions and Percentages


  1. Polynomials
  2. Factorization
  3. HCF
  4. Simple Equations
  5. Quadratic Equations
  6. Cubic Equations
  7. Biquadratic Equations
  8. Simultaneous Equations
  9. Miscellaneous Topics

Note: Syllabus varies from Student to Student as per Age and Grade.

  • Students (School and College Goers); Age: 10+
  • Parents (to teach their kids)
  • Mathematics Teachers
  • Math Lovers
  • Any other Interested People who wants to learn Vedic Speed Mathematics {as Hobby / for taking tuition classes further / for teaching their kids etc.}

  • First class : completely FREE.
  • After that, if you want to continue, you need to pay US$ 78.