Julia and Atom IDE Installation Guide in Ubuntu

Install Julia

1. Visit https://julialang.org/downloads/ and download the appropriate file for your OS

2. Extract it (For Ubuntu: $su and $ tar -xvzf julia-0.6.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz)

3. To run Julia, $ gedit gedit ~/.bashrc Add Following Lines: #path to julia execution PATH=$PATH:/home/chaitanya/Programs/julia-903644385b/bin Note: I extracted downloaded file in Programs Directory. Change the Path. Here you need to link to bin Folder. Save the File.   OR   Invoke the julia executable by using its full path, as in <where you extracted Julia>/bin/julia

4. $ julia Run Simple Programs: julia> 2+2 4 julia> a= “Hello Julia” “Hello Julia” julia>


Installing Atom:

5. julia> Pkg.update()

6. julia> Pkg.add(“Atom”)

7. julia> using Atom

8. Download atom-amd64.deb from https://github.com/atom/atom/releases

9. Run: $ sudo dpkg –install atom-amd64.deb on the downloaded package.

10. Launch Atom: $ atom

11. Go to Packages>Settings View> Install packages/Themes

12. Install the following packages to use Julia in Atom: language-julia ink julia-client tool-bar latex-completions

13. Go to language-julia (Packages>Settings View> Open) Go Down -> Settings -> Julia Path -> Enter /home/chaitanya/Programs/julia-903644385b/bin/julia

14. Restart Atom.

15. Hope it Works.. Enjoy Coding..

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